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In the early 1980's, some marketing research professionals discovered that litigation was to judges and juries what marketing was to consumers and trade. As a result, they began to expand their knowledge and experience in dealing with human perceptions, attitudes and behavior in the courtroom. IMI Inc. was one of those innovators in the field, and remains on the cutting edge of litigation support research. IMI Inc. is a member of the California Association of Trial Lawyers.

Each case assignment is approached from an ad-hoc orientation, with the final research/consulting designing, budget and timing geared appropriately to the individual situation.

One or more focal points of a project assignment can include:

  • How to select the right jurors.
  • How to prepare for witness testimony.
  • What relevant juror perceptions, attitudes and behavior are generated by specific case elements and issues.
  • How to best develop and present case elements and issues to jurors; for example making opening statements, presenting witness testimony, deciding when to present rebuttal testimony, conducting cross-examination, making effective closing arguments, etc.)
  • How to deal with anticipated arguments of opposing counsel.
  • Expert witness (Consultant) testimony.
  • Some or all of the above.

IMI Inc. assists with litigation through various types of support, including:

  • Consulting assistance by examining the briefs and delivering our expertise at different levels of trial development.
  • Primary research among potential jurors.
  • Trial Simulation
  • Primary or secondary research in consumer, commercial, industrial or socio-political markets may be appropriate.

Scales of Justice

Jury Trial Simulation


  1. Pre-test prosecution/defense arguments and rebuttals.
  2. Establish critical issues, potential juror perceptions and attitudes.
  3. Modify positions/strategies in response to trial development.

IMI Jury Trial Simulation uses a mock jury recruited based on the demographics and psychographics anticipated in actual jury selection. Sessions are taped and monitored via one-way mirrors or closed circuit TV. Attorneys present arguments in a simulated court event. Then, reactions of the mock jurors are identified and analyzed, and appropriate strategies are developed. Actual trials may be monitored, or transcripts may be used in the simulations. Projects are custom designed to meet the needs of individual cases, and sessions may be conducted at existing facilities in one or more geographical areas throughout the metropolitan U.S.


Basic Attorney/Consultant Conference

  1. Isolating the nature and scope of the issues.
  2. Anticipating/planning variables of the case
  3. Defining the demographics and lifestyle of the mock jury.
  4. Planning the scenario of the simulation using the research facilities with or without transcripts or using the actual courtroom trial.

Mock Trial Program Scenario

  1. Recruitment of the Mock Jury (Consultant)
  2. Trial Simulation at Research Facility (Consultant)
    • Introduction to the Jury (Consultant)
    • Presentation of Arguments (Attorney)
    • Establishing Juror Perceptions and Attitudes (Consultant)
    • Presentation of Contingency Arguments
           Attorney/Establishing Changes in Juror        Perceptions and Attitudes (Consultant)
  3. Analysis of Data (Consultant)
  4. Presentation of Report (Consultant)
    • Summary Description of Juror Perceptions, Attitudes, Changes
    • Conclusions
    • Recommendations
  5. Discussion of the Implications (Consultant/Attorney)

Courtroom Attendance During Actual Trial

  1. Recruitment of the Mock Jury
  2. Jury Introduction at Research Facility (Consultant)
  3. Monitoring of Actual Trial Segment (Consultant/Jury)
  4. Meeting at Facility to Review Perceptions and Attitudes (Consultant)
  5. Analysis of Data (Consultant)
  6. Presentation of Report (Consultant)
    • Summary Description of Mock Juror Attitudes and Perceptions
    • Conclusions
    • Recommendations
  7. Discussion of the Implications (Consultant/Attorney)

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